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What is a Kingdom?


A kingdom is a nation ruled by a king. In this case, our God is a King; He has a kingdom, and He wants to see it established on earth. The entire Bible is about a King, His kingdom, and a royal family. It is in the nature of kings to see the expansion of their kingdom into new territories and their will and culture established there as it is in their homeland.

When Jesus taught about His kingdom, He was not talking about singing, preaching, or just power. Jesus is the King. A king is a political leader and not a religious leader. The words He used for church (Ekklesia), apostle, ambassador, etc., are all political terms and not religious terms. Man turned them into religious slogans.

Every kingdom is made of twelve components.

Every parable and teaching that Jesus shared involves one of the components of His kingdom.

There is a counterfeit kingdom operating on this earth right now. It appears to have all the components of the kingdom of God, but they are not real. The majority of people are deceived and do not recognize the difference. For example, the kingdom of God has an economy; this world also has an economy. This world’s economy depends on the economy God created. The kingdom of God has an education system, which is to help you discover and fulfill your God-given purpose. This world’s education prepares you to get a degree that helps you find a job. They are totally opposite.

The church is supposed to be administering God’s kingdom on earth. That is what the early church and the apostles did, and that’s how they reached the entire known world with the gospel in their lifetimes.

When the Ekklesia (church) administers the kingdom of God in the nations of the world, then the change we are longing for will begin to manifest. That is what this ministry is all about: equipping you to administer His kingdom in every nation of the world, so the church can be the head and not the tail in every community. As Jesus said, we will be the light of the world and salt of this earth.