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Equipping the Saints to Administer God’s Kingdom by helping the poor, orphans and the widows.

Vision Possible

India is a hub for human trafficking. According to Redress and Information & Analysis: “Almost 80 percent of all worldwide trafficking is for sexual exploitation, with an estimated 1.2 million children being bought and sold into sexual slavery every year, and India is the poisonous hub, for Asia and, some say, the world. End trafficking in India and the worldwide epidemic in human suffering caused by this crime will be greatly reduced.

“Each year millions of women and children are trafficked in India, which, according to the US State Department, is ‘a source, destination and transit’ country for ‘men, women and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking.’”

About 80,000 or more children disappear in India every year. Many of them become the victims of human trafficking; some are being murdered for human body parts (organ trafficking), like kidneys and eyes, which are costly commodities on the international medical mafia market.

In India, parents consider it a curse or bad luck if you are born a girl because of the dowry system. Many of these girls do not reach adulthood. 

Fifteen years ago, I saw a little girl playing in the mud on the side of a road in the city of Chennai. I was crying and the Lord told me to do something about it. As a result, we started an orphanage, which turned into a Vision Center. In the process of running an orphanage, the Lord told me that orphans do not need an orphanage- what they need is a family. Almost a hundred children went through our program and many of them are adults now, serving God in different capacities. Above is the picture of some of those children. A few of the girls are married and have a family. Some are still doing their studies.


We are in the next phase of our outreach to children. Every time I go to India, I see hundreds of children on the street, begging or doing forced labor. They do not attend any school because they can’t. The caste system, child marriage, the dowry system, and other social injustices are other hindrances to these children and their families.

As a ministry, we did many outreaches and camps for these children. Sadly, after we left they went back the same lifestyle they were in before. I realized then the need for a sustainable program that will help them get off the street and find a life that is meaningful.

We are looking for like-minded people who have a heart for these children and will partner with us in prayer and with financial support to make a difference in the generations to come.

We are in the process of starting the second phase of our outreach to children in the city of Agra. We are working in partnership with a local church and trained staff to educate these children about life, purpose, hygiene, character, and basic life skills. 

If you are interested in this outreach to these helpless children in India and would like to make a donation toward it, please click the link below.

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