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Equipping the Saints to Restore the Foundation of Family Life.


Kingdom Family

Family is the first institution God established on earth. It is the foundation of society, a nation, and a church. Paul says there is family in heaven and on earth, and they have names (Ephesians 3:15). The devil hates family with all his being. He knows that if he can damage the foundation, he can destroy everything else. I’d say he has been somewhat successful in doing so.  If we are going to restore nations back to God, we need to start with the basic unit the nations are made of, and that is family. If the families are not functioning as God intended then nothing else will function properly. Cities, governments, schools, churches, and everything else will be out of order. If the foundation is not laid right the whole building will be defective. How do we build kingdom families? What was God’s intention when He started the first family? What were the roles of the husband and wife? Will that work in our day and age? The Bible is the only manual authorized by God to govern the affairs of man on earth; it’s the only manual the Manufacturer gave to us. If we follow any other manual, or philosophies, or cultural norms, family life will not work. I can guarantee that. If you do not believe me, just look around at our society.

What is God’s idea of family life? How did God train the first male to become a man, husband and father? I am excited to share what the Holy Spirit has shown me from His Word. I see a future generation of families without divorce. I see the world coming to the church to find answers to their problems. I see a generation who is ruling and reigning on earth. I see the Mountain of God being exalted above all other mountains. I see the church shining as the light of this world and salt of the earth. I see the revealing of the sons of God to restore creation.

When Jesus was questioned by the Pharisees about marriage and divorce, He took them back to the beginning, back to how marriage began. That is the original plan God has for marriage and family, and it is still His plan today. I believe if were to ask Jesus a question about divorce in the twenty-first century, He would still take us back to the original family. Consider what our culture and media has done to reshape our minds about family and marriage, about male and female, drawing us away from God’s plan and idea.

 In my personal opinion, about 98 percent of people who get married, do so for the wrong reason. Nearly 60 percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce. Another 25 percent have couples living together but leading separate lives; there is no “family life”,  and they are “married” only on paper. Another 10 percent are hanging in there, enduring each other instead of enjoying each other. Only 5 percent have any kind of normal married life. Something has gone terribly wrong. It is an epidemic that is destroying the very foundation of our society and culture.

Because of the failures, pain and the turmoil involved with most marriages, we are living in a society where people are losing respect for marriage, and they are gravitating toward alternative lifestyles or want to redefine marriage. The enemy uses every opportunity to propagate his lies and deceive men and women so they do things that they naturally should not.

Marriage is not working not because it is not a God idea, but because we do not know how God instituted it. Most people think about love, sex, money, and prestige when it comes to marriage, but only a few have any idea about God’s original design for it. When we do it God’s way and follow the manual He made for it, there is no greater blessing than being married.

It is ironic that people prepare and train for years to run in a race that lasts less than a minute. They change their whole lifestyle to be fit enough to run that short race. Marriage is a lifelong race, but most people get into it with little or no preparation at all. They say they fell in love. Falling in love is not enough to have and sustain a successful marriage. For some unknown reason, people keep making the same mistakes even though they see heartbroken people all around.

To solve this humongous challenge our society is facing God has given us some excellent resources. If you read and study these books, I can guarantee you will not make a mistake in choosing your mate and will discover the secrets to live happily ever after once you are married.

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