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Helping People Discover and Fulfill Their Purpose

Kingdom Education

Someone said the richest places on planet Earth are the cemeteries, because therein lie the dreams of millions of people that were never fulfilled: songs that were never sung, books that were never written, and inventions, products, and ideas that never materialized. Why? Because these precious lives were stuck in a system that never equipped them to tap into the potential God had put in them, and by the time they realized it, it was too late. Unfortunately, many of them were Christians.

What is Kingdom Education? Kingdom Education is a program that helps each individual discover their purpose, gifts, and the potential the Creator has put in them. Only when you discover your purpose and develop the gifts and talents God has put in you, will you truly prosper and feel fulfilled.

As a ministry, we are committed to helping individuals discover their purpose and unleash everything God has put in them, so when they die they can die empty and not make the graveyard wealthy anymore.

The education system today teaches people many things they will never use or need in life, but it does not teach the essential things a person must know, such as discovering their purpose, helping people find their gifts, family life, managing money and talents, and so on. In fact, almost everything taught is anti-God. The body of Christ needs to come up with the best educational programs. God intended for those programs to be done through the church. In every nation and city, the church should run the best schools, colleges, and universities.

Each of you is a solution to a problem that exists on this earth today: maybe not the whole earth, but at least in your community or for another individual. Each one of us is anointed to set free a part of creation from bondage. All creation came under bondage because of Adam’s disobedience, but Jesus died to pay for our sins and to set us free from bondage. Now it’s our job to set creation free from its bondage.

Statistics show that less than 1 percent of the world’s population knows their purpose.


We Have the Solution!

Jesus said that we are the light of the world. Light is the solution for darkness. The church is supposed to be the solution to the darkness that is in this world. Instead, we look to the world for solutions to our problems. What a pathetic situation.

There is one agency God put on this earth to provide solutions to the problems our world is facing.  There is one body that should have answers to the age-old questions every generation asks. There is one group of people that should represent the Lord God Almighty to the rest of creation. The church.

We should be helping people discover their purpose. There is no population problem, only a purpose problem. There is no poverty problem, only a productivity problem. There are too many people who are not productive. The number one reason is because they do not understand their purpose. 

Kingdom Education is not based on getting a college degree. Kingdom Education is discovering your purpose first and then, if necessary, finding the right college degree to receive the training that will help you fulfill that purpose. Many people grow up with the concept of going to school and then to college to get a degree and find a job. That’s the way our culture programmed us and that is the world’s way of living. As kingdom citizens, we are not supposed to base our lives on the world’s system. First, discover your purpose, and then find the right education that will help you fulfill that purpose.

The tragedy is that the majority of the people who are alive on this earth today do not know their purpose. The reason population is a problem in many countries is because the people do not know what to do with their lives, so they either demand the government take care of them or try to steal from others. Many people remain poor because they do not produce anything. When those two problems are solved (population and productivity), we will see any nation’s economy being transformed.

Once you decide what you want to do with your life, you need to get the education that will help you fulfill that purpose. I have seen many precious people go to colleges and universities to earn degrees, but later find they are called to do something entirely different than what they learned. They wasted their money and their precious time doing that.

Spirit-Focused Education

Kingdom Education is different from worldly education. Kingdom Education focuses on developing your God-given talents and abilities (which are in seed form) to influence the world. It focuses on your spirit. It focuses on gaining wisdom. Without wisdom, there is no foundation and no real education.

In the world today, we see so many educated people who have degrees from prestigious universities, but they lack basic wisdom. They do not even understand the basic differences between humans and animals, or male and female. They regard both in the same category. This is because their spirit has not received any education. Their minds have knowledge but they did not acknowledge God, so He gave them up to become reprobate in their minds.

When we read the Bible, we see that God founded the earth by wisdom and established the heavens by understanding. A house also needs to be founded on wisdom and understanding. When we read about Jesus, we see that He grew in wisdom and stature. We do not read that He was enrolled in the Roman school system and was the best student. No. His life was founded on wisdom; even the Pharisees were amazed at His teaching.

The majority of Christians are following the world system but do not even have as much wisdom and understanding as the world about how it operates. When a person is educated, he knows that area of study. When you master a talent, ability, skill, profession, subject, or a trade, you become educated in that area. You subdue and take dominion over it. You are ready to rule over that area and have a following.

You do not always need to go to a college or university to be educated. Many times, those who do are not truly educated because they know a little bit about many things but master nothing. Being educated does not mean you graduate from a university with a certificate. There are people who have never been to school but have mastered an art or ability and make a much better living than college graduates. Some of the inventors and great entrepreneurs of our time dropped out of school or college, but they became famous because they mastered an area of life like no one else ever had before. In the spirit and in the natural, they became famous because they mastered one area of knowledge, trade, technology, a talent, or an idea, and went with it. Anyone can do it; it’s not a secret. People like Moses, Joseph, Thomas Edison, Orville and Wilbur Wright, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and the list goes on. They mastered their field and succeeded.

That is the premise of Kingdom Education. There are many auto mechanics in India who have never been to school, but they mastered their trade by practicing it and watching others. That is discipleship. They joined the workshop as an apprentice and learned the job by doing it. Some of the best hairdressers that I know in India never went to school either, not even grade school.

When we look in the Bible at the people who that God used, we see the same pattern. God’s anointing gives you the ability to master an area of life. These men and women in the Bible learned the ways of God through life experiences. The Bible says John the Baptist was in the wilderness until he revealed himself to Israel. What was he doing in the wilderness? The Bible says he grew strong in spirit. He may not have known arithmetic, but he focused on what he needed to fulfill his purpose and mastered it, which was to become strong in spirit.

The Bible says that John the Baptist was the Elijah that was to come. He came in the spirit of Elijah, but he did not do any miracles or signs like Elijah did. Why not? Usually, we associate Elijah with his miracles (like bringing fire from heaven) and we sing songs like, “These are the days of Elijah.” The spirit of Elijah manifests differently in each generation. In John, it manifested as a bridge between two dispensations (the Law and grace). It turned the spiritual tide (atmosphere) of this earth into a new era of grace. He was the forerunner of Jesus Christ. He gave birth to a new season in the Spirit. If his spirit were to manifest now, it would be different than anything we saw in the Bible. May the Lord open our eyes to see what His Spirit is doing today!

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