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Get Involved

Your prayer support, financial contributions, and volunteer efforts will have an eternal impact. If you are inspired by our work and it touches your heart, please consider becoming involved today by becoming a Prayer Partner, volunteering on a mission trips, or joining our family of Financial Partners and Child Sponsors.

Together we are building a strong foundation for future generations.


Prayer Partner

We believe in the power of prayer. As a prayer partner, you are making a commitment to pray daily for Abraham John,  his family, and the ministry.

If you are committing to praying for us regularly, please go to the Contact Us page and fill out the form and let us know in the comments section. We will add you to our newsletter mailing list and inform you of our prayer needs. Visit our Group Prayer Network.


Financial Partner

If you are inspired by our work and it touches your heart, please consider becoming a Financial Partner with Maximum Impact Ministries. You can help us financially through a plan that is appropriate for you- either a monthly plan or a one-time, tax-deductible donation to the ministry.

Click here for more information on joining our family of Maximum Impact Ministries Financial Partners.


Volunteer Opportunities

We cannot do this alone. We need the help of people who are called and anointed to help reach the world with the gospel of the kingdom. We welcome the help of anyone who is willing to volunteer.

If you would like to host a small group meeting at your home or office, we would be more than happy to come and share the Word, introduce the ministry, and provide any necessary training. That would be a great blessing to us. If you are interested, please contact us. Click here




Mission Trips

For teachers, doctors, construction workers, electricians, musicians, pastors, prayer warriors, painters, plumbers, or anyone else who would like to help, we want to extend our invitation to visit India and other nations to volunteer your time on a short-term mission trip. In some cases, we will provide accommodation and food.

For more information on getting involved in short-term and long-term mission trips with Maximum Impact, please contact us.





Partnership Opportunities

We continuously reach out to the destitute and the needy in India and other nations as the Lord leads. Through the love of Christ, we meet the needs of destitute children, orphans, and the downtrodden every day. Help us change and build the kingdom in every nation.

We need kindhearted people to sponsor ministry in different countries. Click here  if you are interested in becoming a Partner.